Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What age are children’s orthopaedic play mats suitable for? 

A - Our soft sensory play mats can be used as a sensory tool when your little one is ready for tummy time. Your little ones will start to benefiting from the built in orthopaedic features from when they start negotiating their first steps right through to adult hood. You can start to introduce firm sensory play mats from around the age of 3.

Q - How do you clean children’s puzzle play mats?

A - Due to the Antibacterial additive and dust resistant finish our children’s orthopaedic play mats are very easy to maintain and clean. You can shake any off dust or use a soft brush to brush off any dust easily. You can always use the hoover as long as it is with the nozzle. You can rinse the mats using cold or lukewarm water and then leave to dry naturally. They dry really quick!


Q - How many sensory play mats should I get?

A - Our pre made sets come in either 6 or 8 mat options. Most of our puzzle play mats are available individually but we recommend a minimum of 6 sensory play mats. 8 or more is perfect. The reason we recommend a minimum of 6 is so you can balance Soft and Firm mats evenly (for under 3 years soft only) . This also gives you more options for colours, style of sensory play mat and increasing the number of steps taken which will increasing the potential health and development benefits.


Q - Should I buy Soft or Firm sensory play mats?

A - For children under the age of 3 we recommend our soft orthopaedic sensory play mats. For 3 and above you should have an even number of Soft and Firm to balance your sensory play mat set and maximise the sensory and orthopaedic benefits.

Q - Can I buy additional sensory play mats to fit an existing set?

A - Yes you absolutely can. All of our mats are built like a big puzzle play mat just like a jigsaw and they all interlock and connect together. You could add one sensory mat or 10. This feature means no two days are set up the same. You can mix things up whenever you like!


Q - Can adults use these sensory play mats too?

A - Our mats are amazing for adults too whether it is for a foot massage, injury prevention or faster recovery and to prevent and correct flat feet.


Q - Is there an age limit?

A - There is no age limit for our sensory mats. Everyone, no matter your age, can see the benefit from our orthopaedic play mats!

Q - What warranty do I get with my happy feet play mats?

A - You get a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Don’t forget you also have a 14 day open box return if you want to change your sensory play mats for any reason.


Q - Can I use my happy feet sensory play mats outdoors?

A - You absolutely can. Our sensory play mats are made with an antibacterial additive and they have a dust resistant finish. They will rinse off under cold or lukewarm water no problem ready for there next use.

Q - What are your orthopaedic play mats made from?

A - Our sensory play mats are made from Polyvinyl Chloride.  This material  give the flexibility to produce mats in varying degrees of firmness and allows them to be produced with all the varying sensory patterns. It has its practical uses as well

Q - How should I store my mats?

A - You should always clean your orthopaedic play mats before storage, follow our cleaning advice in the FAQs. Then for storing your sensory play mats always lie them flat. Just like you’d lay them out. Store you mats with the most flat on the bottom and any mats like Turtle, Wave or Island on top. This will ensure no mats get out of shape.

Q - Are the sensory play mats dust resistant?

A - Yes! Our mats are made of Polyvinyl Chloride which has a dust resistant quality. This means they incredibly easy to clean. Once finished just dust of your Sensory Play Mats with a soft brush. If something has been spilled on them no problem. Just rinse with cold or lukewarm water and wipe clean. Leave to dry naturally.


Q - Can I sanitise the mats?

A - Our mats have an antibacterial additive that prevents bacteria proliferating the mats. So in most instances all that will be needed is to wash your sensory play mats with cold or lukewarm water. You can use a little soap if you wish. 

Q - Do the sensory mats come in different colours?

A - Yes they do! Most of our orthopaedic play mats have 4 colour options and are also available in soft and firm. The sensory play mats come in a variety of colours options from natural earthy colours like earth and green to bright vibrant colours that are great for sensory stimulation.


Q - Can I add individual mats to a set?

A - You can add as many sensory mats together as you like. Because of the puzzle design you can puzzle any mats together so it doesn’t matter which sensory play mat set you have purchased you can add and puzzle any individual mats on.

Q - Do you ship your sensory play mats internationally?

A - Yes we ship internationally. Due to shipping costs varying so much if your country is not on our shipping list please get in touch and we will get a shipping quote for you. We currently ship our sensory play mats to the UK, Ireland, Belgium, USA and Singapore. 


Q - How long do I need to wait for my sensory play mats?

A - Shipping in the UK is 3 - 5 business days, 5 - 7 business for Europe and the rest of the World.

Q - How many sensory play mats do I get in a set?

A - In our pre made sets you get either 6 or 8 sensory play mats. Our Eco and Moss sets include 6 sensory play mats and our Football, Space, Baby, Baby Pastel and Forest Path set all come with 8 orthopaedic sensory play mats.


Q - How can I pay?

A - You can pay for your sensory play mats by Debit or Credit card our you can also pay using PayPal.

Q - Do you have exercise guides?

A - Yes we do. If you visit our YouTube channel by clicking the YouTube icon on this page you can see some of the exercises  designed to get the most out of our mats. We have more on the way to so watch this space.

Q - Are my sensory mats safe during shipping

A - We take great care to ensure you sensory mats arrive in tip top condition. Prior to shipping your mats are hand wrapped in our soft tissue and then packed and sealed into a cardboard box ready for shipping. Rest assured we take great care to make sure your orthopaedic sensory mats arrive in perfect condition.

Q - Here’s why our sensory mats are important...

A - Feet – one of the most complex systems of the your body! Ruthlessly every day we expose our feet to extreme loads! As a result our feet literally take a pounding.

The anatomy of the human foot is much more complex than the chassis of a car and its design includes 26 bones, 31 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. 

Throughout life, our feet are subjected to a huge amount of punishment. Even with a slow paced lifestyle, the average person every day walks 7km. Over a lifetime this adds up to 150-160 thousand kilometers. 

Have You ever thought about it? 

Q - Do sensory play mats have benefits other than the sensory element?

A - Foot massage is extremely useful for our health. This is where our sensory play mats come in.

Foot massage relevance in connection with the increased loads on the human body in the modern world has increased significantly. With the help of foot massage you can significantly improve our health, relieve stress, strengthen the immune system and improve your mood. Foot massage, having a powerful relaxing effect, can improve chronic fatigue syndrome and can improve all round health. Thanks to foot massage, insomnia, pain and swelling in the legs are reduced, a feeling of inner comfort comes, and with it, recovery. 

Orthopaedic mats not only help to relieve tension in the muscles, but also stimulates the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation.