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Antibacterial additive prevents any bacteria proliferating the surface of our play mats.

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Our Play mats have a rigid grid built in to the underside of the mat.

This provides the mats with volume, height, insulating properties and long lasting strength.

Medically Developed

Our Play mats have been developed under the supervision of leading doctors, Orthopedists  Specialists in Therapeutic exercise and have been tested in the Orthodon Medical centre.

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Build Quality

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The material structure of our mats allows them to maintain there form long term. There is no shrinkage or deformation and due to the materials and composition it does not allow dust particles to penetrate the surface meaning they stay looking great long term.


The various textures and levels of firmness of our mats allow for the creation of endless combinations giving endless massage options. Our mats have also been specially designed for children to prevent and improve various foot development issues including Valgus (Knock Knee) and Varus (Bow Legged) conditions as well as Club Foot and Flat Feet.

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Due to the unique puzzle design of our mats they can easily be attached to each other, just like a jigsaw. The edges are reinforced around the perimeter allowing a solid fastening during use.


Each of our mats has the Ortordon mark embossed on the back. This confirms that it is an official, authentic and original product.